Cops and Robbers

Two teams are made, one of cops and one of robbers, with the same number of players on each team. The police team allows 2 minutes for the robbers to escape (they can hide), and during these two minutes they wait for what would be their base or robber prison.

Once this time has passed, the cops must go out to catch the robbers, who must escape to avoid being caught. When a cop catches a thief, he must accompany her to prison, the trapped person can be saved if a colleague of his who is not trapped hits his hand (without leaving prison). When a 30 minute time limit passes and not everyone has been caught or when everyone is caught before these 30 minutes.

Once the first round is finished, the cops become robbers and vice versa and the objective of the new cops in this case will be:

· If in the previous round they have all been caught, catch them in less time.

· If they have not all been caught in the previous round, ensure that the 30 minutes elapse and that they are more trapped than the previous round. You cannot go outside the established limits.