The Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a very popular children’s game throughout the world, although in each place it’s called differently (mariola, trucamelo, pilgrim…). There’re different game modes and here we explain one of them.

Ten squares arranged in the shape of an airplane on the ground are painted with chalk, and a number from one to ten inside each one. In case the surface is dirt, the lines can be marked with a stick or any other object.

The game consists in that the player throws a flat stone (a sheet metal or a piece of tile is also useful) to square 1 and has to drag it all the way by pushing it with one foot (to the lame leg) and without stepping on the lines. If he succeeds, he will throw the stone at square 2 to complete the journey again from that point, and so on until 10. Whoever reaches the goal wins. This game is for: concentration, balance, aim, body coordination and patience.